Penny Baugh - Encrusted Bead Artist

My art journey has brought me to the magical world of contemporary bead art. Using tiny seed beads I utilize encrusted beading to create abstract images , jewelry, sculptured beading and beaded figures.
Through my sculptured and figure beading I give a common shape new and unusual beauty. Keeping myself open to inspiration each day is an integral part of my artistic life.

Peggy O'Connor - Fiber Artist

I love color - whether the boldness of a strong aqua or the quietness of a slate gray - and texture - whether a nubbly yarn, a thick felted wool, or a clay bead. I love to mix these elements in the fiber art pieces I design.

I started my craft adventures with embroidery, but found that counted thread stitches were too confining to express the movement I wanted in my pieces. I gravitated to the wonderful colors and textures of fabrics, incorporating them, along with surface embroidery, into wall hangings. More recently I have included beads of many colors and textures into my designs. I prefer organic shapes and often include natural elements such as shells or stones. Most pieces represent some part of our natural world.

Tamsin Allpress - Ceramist

My formative years in Africa, driving across immense landscapes, camping amongst the wildlife, running barefoot down paths of packed red earth inevitably placed Nature at the center of my creative development. Later, life in Europe with opportunities to travel widely added sophistication and free thinking to my creative journey.
I have a passion for combining natural elements into unique forms of expression, whether in the studio or outside with my garden and landscape design projects.

Sandra Macklem - Digital Photography

My love of digital photography developed when I used photographs of my gardens as reference material for my watercolor paintings.
I wanted to capture the drama of light and shadow, color and motion in those paintings. I learned that my digital images were more intersting and challenging to me. Although I still seek the same elements and drama that I did while composing my paintings.

Ruth Obolensky - Button Jewelry

Color, Shape and Recycling provide inspiration for my design work. For a length of time, I worked with beads, but find designing with buttons more challenging. American Folk Gallery in Asheville sells my work.

Mary Beth Jung-Gaiser - Fiber and Woven Beaded Jewelry Artist

I've always been involved in creative ventures. As a food writer, I've spent my entire working career creating recipes and styling foor for photography. Now I've expanded that urge to create with designing wearable pieces of art. Combining mylove of all things fiber and basic jewellry making techniques, I weave glitzy bracelets and necklaces using a needle and thread, and add embellishments to my hand woven scarves. At this stage of my artistic career I'm experimenting with a variety of techniques and materials. Nothing makes me happier than working with my hands to create pleasing textures using fiber of all kinds, beads and recycled embellishments. My work is always evolving. I am definitely a work in progress!

Elynn Bernstein - Fiber artist

My art career began as a painter a long time ago. Now I 'paint' with dyes, wool, and fiber to express myself. My love for felting started after I purchased a few sheep for my hobby farm and realised they might be able to earn their keep. Felting is a labor of love. It is a physically demanding activity while also being meditative as one lays down thousands of wispy fibers which eventually morph into felt.

Sharon Richmond - Contemporary Rug Hooking

Sharon discovered hooked rugs at a quilt show in Chicago and fell in love with the warm and colorful art. She needed rugs for the floors in her new home and found an art where she could do her own thing. Sharon became a certified Pearl McGown teacher in 2000 and has been hooking rugs for 16 years. She has studied rug hooking with acclaimed teachers such as Clair DeRoos , Diance Stoffel, Gail Dufresne and Elizabeth Black. Sharon develped a love of color from taking watercolor classes and several well-known artists as well as taking dye classes through the national McGown guild. Her favourite pastime is dyeing wool and designing geometric patterns She teaches workshops throughout the southeast and is active in the Tarheel Ruggers group in Hendersonville and Merrie Mountain Hookers in Asheville. Sharon demonstrates and sells rugs at the Biltmore Estate, NC State Fair and other local festivals.